In Turchia saranno installate oltre 5000 LIM SMART Board

Segnaliamo un comunicato stampa in inglese di SMART Technologies ( relativo a un importante bando di gara vinto dall’azienda in Turchia per l’installazione di oltre 5000 lavagne interattive SMART Board®.

SMART Wins Large Education Tender in Turkey

Upwards of 5000 SMART Board® interactive whiteboards to be installed

CALGARY, Alberta — July 31, 2012 — SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions, announces that FEM, a private education group, has chosen SMART for a large scale installation of upwards of 5000 SMART Board 885 interactive whiteboards in Turkey. The installation of the first 3000 SMART Board interactive whiteboards will be completed in early Fall 2012 and the group aims to install an additional 2000 interactive whiteboards in the coming months. All SMART Board interactive whiteboards include the award-winning SMART Notebook collaborative learning software and access to the SMART Exchange website, where educators can connect, share and download nearly 60,000 digital resources.

FEM owns hundreds of university preparation and English language centers in Turkey. They have been using SMART Board interactive whiteboards in educational institutions throughout the Turkish region of Marmara, with successful results, for the past year. During the tender process for this large installation, SMART demonstrated to administrators the value of a comprehensive education solution, including product implementation, intuitive software, training, services and support. Administrators were also impressed with the collaboration capabilities of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard when used by educators with other programs, particularly Adobe®InDesign®. This significant installation in Turkey demonstrates SMART’s continued growth in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. FEM is a member of a large international diversified organization that owns numerous schools in more than 100 countries worldwide, including charter schools in the United States serving over 20,000 students.

“Administrators at FEM recognize the importance of using a comprehensive education solution in classrooms to engage and support today’s learners,” says Frederic Arneodo, Vice President, EMEA, SMART Technologies. “With the large implementation of SMART Board interactive whiteboard and SMART Notebook software, educators and students across all grades and subjects will benefit from having the tools and resources needed to support their ongoing success in both teaching and learning.”